Charging Tesla Models

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Where can I charge Tesla Models

Teslas can be charged at any of the 40,000+ electric vehicle charging locations nationwide, including Hertz, Tesla, third-party and public locations. You can also connect to a standard 120V household outlet using the Mobile Connector kit.


Find nearby Tesla Superchargers.

Please return your EV with its battery charged to at least 10%.

If you charge at a Tesla network station, we’ll pass through charging-related fees to the credit card you used to rent your Tesla* And if you charge at a third-party charging station, just pay on the spot.

*See your EV Rental Terms to learn more.

Locating Charging Stations on the road

Tesla Supercharger stations – the fastest charging option – will automatically appear on the navigation screen. To find all available charging stations:

How do I open the charge port?

The charge port is located near the driver’s side taillight. To open the charge port cover, use the touchscreen or push once on the cover. When using a Tesla charging station, press the charging station connector button and the cover will open. The charge port cover will close automatically when connector is removed.

How do I charge Teslas?

To charge, remove the charging station connector from its dock, open the car’s charge port and insert the connector into the charge port. When charging is complete, press the connector button until the charge port logo turns white, then remove the connector and return it to its dock.

plugging in at a non-tesla station

Once the charge port cover is open, insert the charging station connector into the charge port. When charging at a non-Tesla charging station, you will need to connect a SAE J1772 adapter, found in the Mobile Connector kit, to the connector before inserting.

Charger Indicator red yellow green

Charge port logo color indicators

The charge port logo will flash green while charging and be solid green when charging is complete. If the logo is yellow, unplug the connector and then plug in again. A red logo indicates an issue with the charging station. Move the car to a different dock and try again.

What are the different types of chargers?

There are three different levels of chargers available for Teslas starting with a standard wall plug charger and going up to a Supercharger.


Level 1 Charger

Pin Locator Household Plug

Every hour charging adds about 3 mi.

Bolt 120v |

Clock 18-20 hrs


Lvl 2 Charger

Pin Locator Public Charging

Every hour charging adds about 44 mi.

Bolt 240v |

Clock 5-7 hrs



Pin Locator Public Charging

Every hour charging adds about 200 mi.

Bolt +480v |

Clock Est. 1 hr

Note: Charge time may vary per location. Public chargers may not produce the same output shown above.

More things to know about charging

Please remember to return your EV with its battery charged to at least 10%.

Although free public charging stations exist, most stations charge a fee based on kWH usage, charging time or percentage of battery charged. Just as gas prices fluctuate, charging fees vary from station to station.

If you charge at a Tesla network station, we’ll pass through your charging-related fees to the credit card you used to rent your Tesla.* And if you charge at a third-party charging station, just pay on the spot.

*See your EV Rental Terms to learn more.

The touchscreen displays battery charge status, both percentage and time remaining, and will let you know when charging is complete. Additionally, the charge port logo and Tesla charging dock will display solid green. 

Model 3 can travel up to 260 miles** on a full charge. Model Y can travel up to 330 miles** on a full charge. Regen braking, safe driving practices and minimal accessory usage can extend driving range. The battery meter and range are displayed at all times on the touchscreen. You can also use voice command to ask for the battery charge status.

**EPA estimate according to Tesla, Inc. product specifications.

You can remain in your Tesla while it charges, but turning the car on and utilizing features such as the Toybox, air conditioning or device charging will cause the car to charge at a much slower pace. 

While not impossible, the chance of your Tesla running out of battery power is extremely unlikely. Monitor your charge, plan for your next charging station stop and pay attention to car alerts to avoid a depleted battery. In the improbable event your battery dies, you will need to be towed to a charging station.

The kit comes standard with every Tesla rental and includes a SAE J1772 adapter for charging at non-Tesla charging stations, along with a 20-foot connector cord and a NEMA 5-15 adapter for charging with 120V household outlets.

No; however, we ask you return it with its battery charged to at least 10%

If you need to charge your EV during rental, you may use a Tesla network charging station or a third-party charging station. If you opt for Tesla’s network, we’ll automatically pass through fees to the credit card you have on file with us. If you use a third-party station, just follow the station’s prompts and pay on the spot – similar to how you’d pay for fuel at a gas station.

No – whatever charges you incur at Tesla’s network charging station, we pass through directly to the credit card you used to rent your EV. We do not charge any additional fees beyond what Tesla charges outright.

We will pass through any charging-related fees from Tesla shortly after we receive them. Typically, this takes a few business days.

Beyond the cost of charging outright, you may incur parking or idle fees, depending on where you charge. Fees are determined by the type of charging station you use. Generally, you only pay for charging as long as you disconnect from the charging station and move your car as soon as your charging process completes. 

As demand is high for Tesla Superchargers, Tesla charges an idle fee for all Tesla owners or renters if they leave their cars connected to a charging station for a prolonged period once charging completes. Just make sure to disconnect once your car’s charged and move your car – freeing up the charging station for others – and you won’t incur an idle fee. Idle fees do not apply if your car is actively charging. To learn more about Supercharger idle fees, take a look here

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