Hertz Vehicle Recall Practices

It is the policy of The Hertz Corporation to not rent or sell vehicles to consumers for which we have received owner-of-record Safety Recall Notices. Within 24 hours of receipt of this notice which contains the Vehicle Identification Number – 48 hours in the event of a safety recall involving more than 5,000 vehicles - Hertz puts such vehicles on Vehicle Safety Holds and doesn’t return the vehicles to service until the safety defect which is the subject of the Safety Recall Notice has been addressed. Recalled vehicles, on which an interim repair as authorized by the vehicle manufacturer has been completed, may be rented but may not be sold. Once Hertz receives notification from the vehicle manufacturer regarding final repairs for the safety defect, Hertz will put the interim repaired vehicles on Vehicle Safety Holds and the now required final repairs will be completed promptly.

Not renting recalled vehicles is a longstanding Hertz policy. Safety is our paramount concern at Hertz and we review our safety processes on a regular and ongoing basis.