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Hertz Vehicle Recall Procedure


Hertz will not rent or sell a vehicle once we learn it is subject to a safety recall.   A recalled vehicle is repaired before it is rented again or sold.




A. General

1. It is the policy of The Hertz Corporation to promptly repair all vehicles subject to manufacturer recalls.    
2. All safety related recalls will be coordinated through the Division Warranty Department in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with the exception of Canada, where manufacturers notify both the locations and the Canadian Regional Office in Toronto.   
3. Hertz receives numerous notices from manufacturers requiring repairs to vehicles in the Hertz fleet. Those notices go by various names, including Voluntary Safety Recalls, Service Bulletins, Recall Campaign Bulletins, etc.   Upon receipt of such notices from a vehicle manufacturer or related entity, the notice itself and any accompanying recall or repair instructions are reviewed by a Committee comprised of the Director of Maintenance,  the Division Vice President, Operations Administration, and a designated representative of the Law Department, to evaluate the recall/repair notice and to determine Hertz's response to same. The Director of Maintenance will communicate within 24 hours the determination of "S" Hold or "C" Hold status to the Director, Warranty Operations for further immediate dissemination to the field locations.


Safety ("S") Hold - If the notice is determined to be a true safety recall, a Safety "S" Hold must immediately be placed on the vehicle in the Hertz rental systems.   Vehicles placed on an "S" Hold must not be re-rented until the designated safety recall is completed. Note: In certain situations, such as where the Committee, when reviewing recall notices, independently determines that the very serious nature of the recall merits such emergency action or where manufacturers are recommending a grounding of their own fleet, the Committee will also make a determination as to whether the severity of the safety issue requires Hertz to contact customers that are currently renting one of the "S" Hold vehicles and arrange for such vehicle to be replaced.


Campaign ("C") Hold - If the notice is determined by the Committee not to represent an imminent or potentially serious risk attributable to an identified defect or repair campaign (e.g., a non-safety related notice that involves a noise, appearance or non-critical drivability issue), a Campaign "C" Hold must be placed on the vehicle in Hertz rental systems, designating the vehicle to come off rental-ready status for completion of the required repairs when the applicable parts have been received.


4. Repairs for all recalls must be completed as soon as possible after receiving the Recall Notice from the manufacturer.    
5. At Hertz locations that have in-house maintenance facilities, the recall related repair work is performed locally as directed by the repair instructions supplied by the manufacturer.   The completion of affected vehicles is reported to the Division Warranty Department.    In the absence of an in-house maintenance facility or in the event that the manufacturer requires it, vehicles are sent to a manufacturer's local dealership for repairs.
6. Repairs completed by Hertz mechanics for recalled vehicles are recorded on internal repair forms and maintained in vehicle maintenance history files. The service mechanic will place a "Campaign Completed Recall Sticker" on the driver's door frame. The date of the repair and recall number will be noted on the sticker.

B. Recall of Fleet Vehicles

1. When vehicles are recalled, the manufacturer issues individual recall notices for each vehicle which identifies the recalled vehicle by the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).   
2. The manufacturer also issues a Recall Service Bulletin containing repair instructions and listing the parts required for the repair work.   
3. A listing of affected vehicles will be received centrally and distributed to locations with affected fleet.   
4. Recalled vehicles are then promptly removed from service.
5. Each day, as many vehicles as possible must be scheduled for repair until all the recalled vehicles are completed.  
6. The Division Warranty Department reviews and tracks on a weekly basis the completion progress for all active recalls.

C. Recall of Retail and Wholesale Vehicles

1. It is the policy of The Hertz Corporation to not sell, turn back or otherwise dispose of any vehicle subject to a manufacturer’s recall without first completing the repair.

2. The Area Maintenance Manager must ensure that all outstanding recalls are completed prior to offering a vehicle for sale or tendering a vehicle for turn back. In Retail Car Sales locations, a vehicle with an open recall must be removed from the available line until the repairs have been completed.

D. Recall Q and A

Q:  What is Hertz’s policy regarding safety recalled vehicles in the U.S.?
A:  Hertz will not rent or sell a vehicle once we learn it is subject to a safety recall.  A recalled vehicle is repaired before it is rented again or sold.

Q:  What if a Hertz customer is renting a vehicle when you learn it’s been recalled?
A:  In most instances, it will be safe to drive the vehicle until it is returned.  However, if we learn that the defect requires immediate attention, we will make every effort to contact the customer and switch the vehicle at a convenient Hertz rental location.  If the customer is renting a recalled vehicle for an extended period, we will also make arrangements to switch the vehicle.

Q:  What if a customer learns about a recall while renting the vehicle.  Can he or she bring it back to Hertz and switch cars?
A:  Yes. Under those circumstances, Hertz will make every effort to switch our customer into a comparable vehicle.

Q:  What if the customer decides to return a recalled car to a different location than scheduled, will Hertz charge extra for that change in plans?

A:  No.

Q:  What if Hertz receives manufacturer notification that a vehicle needs repairs which are not safety related?
A:  For all notifications not related to safety, Hertz repairs the vehicles as soon as we receive replacement parts.

Q:  Are there any exceptions to your recall policy, for example, will you continue to rent a recalled vehicle if you determine the safety issue is not that serious?
A:  There are no exceptions to our policy.  If we receive a manufacturer notification containing the words “Safety” and “Recall” or a similar notification from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Hertz does not second guess their judgment, and we stop renting or selling the affected vehicles until they have been repaired.

Q:  Does Hertz support legislation that would make renting or selling unrepaired recalled vehicles illegal?
A:  Yes, we have worked out an agreement with consumer groups on federal legislation which would create one national rule that would apply to all of the major car rental companies.  That rule would be 100% consistent with Hertz’s policy to only rent or sell safety-recalled vehicles which have been repaired.  It is important that car rental customers have confidence the cars they rent are safe to drive.


Please Note:

The policy is taken from an internal document entitled "Procedure 7-55, Compliance with Manufacturer Recalls." Information specifically related to internal documents (forms, form numbers) and details referencing Hertz internal descriptions have been removed for clarity to the general reader. The overall procedure remains intact.