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Meet the Polestar 2

Get in the driver’s seat before you get in the driver’s seat. Learn about what it’s actually like to experience the Polestar 2 with our carefully selected series of questions and answers. These will be your guide in getting to know this incredible EV, while preparing you for your first experience behind the wheel. So what are you waiting for? Read on to get a sneak peek behind the wheel of this performance-driven, all-electric hatchback.

What is it like to drive a Polestar 2?

The Polestar 2 offers a whisper-quiet ride. With its dual-motor all-wheel drive, an intuitive 11-inch Google-Android touchscreen and room for up to five passengers, this all-electric hatchback was made for enjoyable performance.

How do I start a Polestar 2?

First, make sure your Polestar 2 key in the vehicle with you. Then, simply apply your foot to the brake pedal to bring the car to life. When you’re ready, move the gear selector located in the center console into drive (D), and you’re on your way.

How do I put the Polestar 2 in Reverse?

Similar to putting the car into drive, simply move the gear selector into reverse (R). But that’s not all. Placing the car in reverse also activates a top-down camera (viewable on the touchscreen) and automatically tilts the side mirrors downward, giving you a 360-degree view of your Polestar 2 and everything around it

How do I put the Polestar 2 in Park?

Ready to end your EV experience? Simply find the place you’d like to park your Polestar 2 and hit the parking button (labeled “P”) next to the gear selector in the center console

How do I use the A/C and heat in the Polestar 2?

Give every ride the perfect temperature with just a single touch. Access total climate control in your Polestar 2 with the Google-powered 11-inch Android touchscreen. Here you can adjust the temperature for both the front and rear of the cabin, as well as the driver and front-passenger seats, respectively.

How do I know how much charge I have left?

Check the battery power and estimated driving range through the vehicle’s instrument panel. An easy-to-understand graphic will show you the remaining battery by percent and remaining estimated range in miles.

How do I charge the Polestar 2?

Charging your Polestar 2 is just like fueling a gas-powered car. Simply open the charging socket by pressing the rear edge of the charger door. Then insert the charging cable in the charging socket by matching the ends of the plug to those of the socket. That’s it.

You can check the Polestar 2’s charging status on the charging cable itself, via the indicator light in the vehicle’s charging socket or by the graphical display on the vehicle’s instrument panel.

How do I remove the charging cable from the Polestar 2?

To stop vehicle charging, simply press the button next to the charging socket or the button in the center display. Then, slowly and safely remove the charging cable from the Polestar 2’s charging socket and place it back on the charging station unit. If you’re charging the Polestar at home using a wall outlet, remove the cable from the socket and then unplug the cable from the wall outlet.


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