Electric Vehicles


Perfect for clean, green, whisper-quiet journeys​

As part of our dedication to personalized service and seamless travel, we now offer the largest electric vehicle (EV) rental fleet in North America. Our huge selection of quality electric rental cars – the vehicles of tomorrow – lets you choose a greener way to travel with models from Tesla, Ford and more available.

Our innovative EV fleet options are as practical as an equivalent gas-powered car, boasting ample power and advanced onboard features that make every journey comfortable and convenient. We also offer a range of hybrid cars that offer the best of both worlds. And with no tailpipe emissions, EVs are helping to make the air in our towns and cities cleaner.

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The Model 3



5 adults


260 miles*

*EPA estimate according to Tesla, Inc. product specifications.


309 lb-ft


Electric Vehicles


Useful Information about electric cars

From its intuitive design to its cutting-edge technology, the benefits of your upcoming EV rental are endless. Progression in electric vehicle technology now means EVs are equally suitable for inner-city travel and longer journeys. With over 40,000 charging stations located throughout the country, electric cars can take you farther than you ever realized.

Our flagship EV, the Tesla Model 3, has up to 260-mile range* and provides a spacious, comfortable ride for all passengers, no matter the distance. Other hallmark features of Model 3 include its elevated design, cutting-edge technology, torque power and safety intelligence, making it the best-selling EV in the world.

Charging EV in a sunset
Tesla Driving Blue

Image courtesy of Tesla, Inc.


Are electric cars better for the environment?

According to official research, electric cars are better for the environment than combustion-engine vehicles. That’s primarily because there are zero tailpipe emissions, but there are additional waste-reduction benefits of EVs – both direct and indirect. 

For example, Model 3 uses a battery that lasts 10-20 years and is produced at the Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks, NV, which will be entirely powered by renewable energy once fully complete.


Do electric cars use oil?

Electric cars don’t use conventional engines so don’t need any oil. Rather, they use electric motors that are powered by batteries which can be recharged at a designated electric vehicle charging station.

Along with not requiring oil and oil filter changes, EVs don’t need new spark plugs or fuel filters, which further helps the environment by reducing waste.

EV Frame
EV Chassis


Do electric cars have transmissions?

Electric vehicles contain an automatic gearbox, but not in the conventional sense, as it is a single-speed transmission. In an EV, the transmission takes power from the motor and transfers it to the wheels, driving and rotating them. This power, known as torque, is immediately available, eliminating the need for the car to warm up or idle and significantly reducing emissions. 

Before going electric, learn everything you need about driving an electric car with our guide.



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Touchscreen | Driving Information

Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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Regenerative Braking

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Plugging In

Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

*EPA estimate according to Tesla, Inc. product specifications.