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Car in the Shop?

Car in the Shop? Hertz can Help - Call 800-337-5475
Car in Shop? Hertz Can Help  Call 800-337-5475

We understand that car accidents can be scary - and are a real hassle. 


That is why at Hertz, we want to help make finding a replacement car as easy and hassle-free as possible. 


                    Need a ride from the office, home or repair shop?

                              No problem, we’ll come and get you. 


                                            Call 800-337-5475 

Whether you've been in an accident or your car was stolen, Hertz is here to help.  Did you know Hertz is the premier provider of insurance replacement cars during insurance claims?  


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No rental coverage, no problem!  Even if you don't have rental coverage you can take advantage of special rates while your car is in the shop, whether it's for an accident or mechanical repair.  


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Auto Collision Repair Partners: 
 Thousands of convenient locations, speed coupled with ease of use value and efficiency. Get your claims, repairs and customers moving with Hertz. 


For additional information on Auto Collision Repairs Partners, click here.