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Company Chargeback



Company Chargeback

Company Chargeback refers to rental bookings where you wish to have the costs of your rental charged back to your company. This information refers to rentals in New Zealand only.


It is vital that your travel booker follows the below procedure when booking your rental. We have recently upgraded our counter system and due to new enhanced security features, we can no longer look up your company chargeback account number at counter. This is to protect your company from fraud and unauthorised use.

See below the steps to follow to ensure your booking is made correctly:



Website bookings
• Visit and begin booking as usual
• On page 4 Review & Book – scroll down to the Customer Remarks section and enter “Please charge to ________” (enter your 7 digit Account Number).

GDS bookings
• When entering the booking details in the Notes or SI field
• Enter “Please charge to ________” (enter your 7 digit Account Number).

Reservations Centre bookings
• Phone 0800 654 321
• Advise the Reservations Agent that the booking is “chargeback to company”
• Give the Reservation Agent the following:
• 7 Digit Account Number 
• CDP Number


This procedure is not relevant for:
• Rentals outside of New Zealand
• Pay and Claim (payment by credit card) bookings
• Applicant Pin bookings
• Gold Plus Rewards bookings where the Account Number and CDP Number are already loaded


If you do not know your 7 digit Account Number please contact

For reservations and more information contact us on 0800 654 32.