Rent fast. Rent easy. Less hassles.

Hertz Toll Pass

Our new, simplified Hertz Toll Pass offers unlimited tolls combined under one per rental charge, allowing you to focus on getting to your destination on time.

This option eliminates the need to keep records of any toll road you may have travelled on and arranging payments via various websites or via telephone directly yourself.


There are currently only three Toll Roads operational in the North Island of New Zealand, Northern Gateway, Tauranga Eastern Link and Tauranga - Takitimu Drive.


For your convenience as a Hertz renter we are able to manage the payment of the Toll Roads on your behalf for a flat Per Rental Rate of $6.90 Inclusive of GST.


Should you choose to make your own arrangements with the Tolling Authority direct this must be done prior to the using the toll road by visiting


Rent fast. Rent easy. Less hassles.

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