Hertz On Demand™ - Rent by the hour or by the day

Hertz On Demand 

Enjoy the absolut flexibility – With Hertz on Demand

What is Hertz on Demand?

Hertz on demand is a unique offer from Hertz.

It is about an innovative B2B-Carsharing offer, which is especially suitable for companies in Switzerland with a car pool with a minimum of five cars.

How is Hertz on demand working?

Hertz on Demand can be used with a rented Hertz-Fleet or cars which already exist in the company.

You got the free choice which car types you would like to choose from our attractive Hertz-Fleet and through the personal care you can benefit from a individual and ideal service.
Our sales employees will support you with help and advice. Also they will help you with the optimal selective of your fleet.

The vehicles will be equipped with the newest carsharing-technology. Further the integration of already existing cars is possible trough retrofit them easily with the technology.

The payment will be monthly with a all-inclusive bill (insurances, service, tire change, badge) independent of the intensity of usage – therefore you can exactly budget your costs.

More cars can be booked comfortable trough our Hertz on Demand website or also last-minute through the internet and will be inherited with a personal ID-Card or your with the personal Badge.  The car is roadworthy and can be postponed on the allocated parking space after the using it.

With the integrated Command-Box in the car one can everytime contact the fleet manager, therewith in a emergency time can be saved and rapidly dealt.

The advantages through Hertz on Demand at a look:

• Ecological carsharing-thought on a tier of a company pool
• Bigger workload of the vehicles, therby dropping car need
• Newest carsharing-technology
• Easy handling of the system
• Depending on workload, a immediate  access to a car

Interested? These and a lot more advantages are waiting for you.

We are just one call or one e-mail away and would be happy to give you tentative information about our unique Hertz on Demand offer.
Contact us:
 salesswitzerland@hertz.com or call  044 732 12 38


Hertz On Demand