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Hertz Named Most Recommended Brand by Women

Company recognized with the Women’s Choice Award® for America’s Best Car Rental Service 


PARK RIDGE, NJ; July 1, 2014 – As the leading advocate for female consumers, WomenCertified Inc. is delighted to honor Hertz rental car with the 2014 Women’s Choice Award® seal. Hertz is recognized by women as the most recommended car rental service for overall customer service, loyalty programs, ‘green’ options and business travel. This award designation is based on a national survey of thousands of female consumers and travel agents who were asked to select the brands they would most highly recommend to family and friends.

“The Women’s Choice Award program works to raise awareness among consumers about which brands are most recommended by women and to honor those brands,” said Delia Passi, CEO and Founder. “By carrying the Women’s Choice Award seal, companies like Hertz signify their commitment to empower women to make smart buying choices.”

According to a 2012 Fleishman Hillard Study, today’s U.S. female consumer values the opinion of others and over half of all women consider one of their roles to be that of a broadcaster, responsible for helping others make smart choices. It is not surprising that major brands, like Hertz, now focus on delivering a customer experience women will love. The Women’s Choice Award has set the standard for helping women make smarter choices by identifying the brands most recommended and trusted by women, along with those that deliver a recommendation-worthy customer experience.

92% of Americans will seek out the recommendation of others before making a major decision (Nielsen Research 2012) 9 out of 10 women would ‘definitely’ trust a brand more if it carried the Women’s Choice Award (Medelia Monitor 2013)
Women are earning, spending, and influencing spending at a greater rate than ever before, accounting for $7 trillion in consumer and business spending in the U.S. (Steven Parker Jr., 2014)

Ms. Passi says it’s important to note that the award doesn’t just signify that Hertz has women’s favor – it signifies that women are willing to recommend it to others. “When a woman is willing to recommend a brand or service to others, it means that business has earned her loyalty. Those are the businesses we wish to recognize for their efforts and commitment to the No. 1 consumer – women,” she says.

“We are pleased to salute Hertz for their focus on excellence, a commitment that is recognized by women consumers nationwide,” Passi says.

The Women’s Choice Award sets the standard for helping women make smarter purchasing choices. The company and its awards identify the brands, products and services that are most recommended and trusted by women. Additionally, they recognize those that deliver a recommendation-worthy customer experience.

Awards are based on surveys of thousands of women, as well as research conducted in partnership with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Women are surveyed on what drives the consumer experience for women vs. men.

As the leading advocate for female consumers, WomenCertified Inc., home of the Women’s Choice Award, created the first national award based on the ratings and preferences of women. The award provides women with a collective voice. Women can visit the official website at www.WomensChoiceAward.com and join the network to make their preferences heard, and contribute to the mission of a million voices strong.