Easy, quick and safe.

The new Hertz e-Mail Voucher makes prepaid car rental transactions easier and more convenient for you and your customers*.

Hertz’ e-Mail Vouchers provide convenience to both, travel agents and customers*:

You just simply create, issue and print the e-Mail Voucher in your office. If you prefer, you can also send it to your customers via e-mail, so that they can print it wherever they are. 
Customers* simply present the e-Mail Voucher at the rental counter when picking up the car, making the rental process quicker and easier. 

Changes to the reservation?

If there are any changes to the original reservation, just void it out, re-issue a new one, and send it to your customer via e-mail. 

Real time access/web-based application.

Travel agents can take advantage of the Hertz e-Mail Voucher management tools which allows a more efficient way to administer receivable credits to customers, as well as view reports on the e-Mail Vouchers issued by day, week or month in real time. The Hertz e-Mail Voucher application is available through the Hertz #1 Partners section of this website.

Become an authorized issuer.

The Hertz e-Mail Voucher is available to all entities (travel agencies, tour operators, etc.) that are credit approved by The Hertz Corporation. To get your entity credit approved or to become an authorized issuer, please click here to contact your local Hertz representative. 

To access the Hertz e-Mail Voucher application, click here (you'll be transferred to the Hertz #1 Partners site, from where you can access the application).

* For your customer's convenience, it is not recommendable to issue e-Mail Vouchers or any other type of prepaid vouchers to customers who are Hertz #1 Club Gold members and want to take advantage of this expedited service.