Procedure Traffic Fines!
By default Hertz transfers all responsibility concerning traffic violations towards the renter of the vehicle. According to Article 14.2 of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the renter is responsible for any traffic violation that occurs during the rental period. In such case Hertz charges the renter for an administration fee and the renter will need to pay the actual traffic violation in a separate settlement with the proper Authorities.

It is however possible that Authorities, by lack of mandatory information, require Hertz to pay for the traffic fine. In that case, Hertz will charge the amount of the traffic fine + an administration fee.

Procedure Parking Fines!
Due to a change in Belgian legislation dating March 1, 2004, Hertz is required to pay the parking fine immediately on receipt of notification. Therefore, Hertz will charge for the amount of the traffic fine + an administration fee.

Using information relating to the traffic offence, supplied on the invoice, the renter can obtain a copy of the traffic/parking fine: