Program Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Hertz will provide Hertz Business RewardsTMmembers with rates or discounts on vehicle rentals in accordance with the applicable Hertz agreement with the member organization.
  2. Hertz standard age, driver and credit qualifications in effect at the time and place of vehicle rental will apply.
  3. Hertz discounts are nontransferable and are available only at participating locations, which participation is subject to change without notice.
  4. Hertz discounts may not be combined or used with Travel Industry Discounts, Tour Rates, insurance/dealer replacement rentals, or any other Hertz discount or promotion rates.
  5. Taxes, airport fees, vehicle licensing cost recoveries and similar surcharges as well as charges for optional services are not included and are not subject to discount.
  6. All discounts may be modified, amended or terminated without notice.
  7. Member benefits based on applicable CDP number are not transferable to other parties.
  8. Member benefits may be used and earned only by employees of the small or medium-sized business enrolled in Business Rewards.
  9. Minimum rental periods and other restrictions apply.


Hertz Business Rewards Privacy Notice: Hertz Business Rewards is a program under which small and medium-sized businesses may receive reduced rates and other benefits in consideration for their allowing Hertz and its affiliates, licensees and unaffiliated business partners to market their goods and services to the businesses participating in the program. Accordingly, any business that discloses personally identifiable data about any individual to Hertz in the course of establishing or maintaining that business’ participation in the program by that act (i) consents or “opts in” to the use by Hertz of that data for marketing purposes and to the disclosure of that data to affiliates and licensees of Hertz, as well as to companies that are not affiliates or licensees of Hertz, for marketing purposes and (ii) represents to Hertz that that business has the right to disclose such data to Hertz in the view of the uses and disclosures that Hertz may make of the data. Further, the individual representative of such business who provides such data to Hertz represents and warrants that he or she is the legal representative of such business, and has the authority to disclose such information for the uses set forth in this Privacy Notice.