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Why is Hertz doing this?
The idea began with our own employees who had served in the military and wanted to give back to those who have fought so hard for our country.  With you, we can all celebrate their homecoming together.  We can’t wait to thank them for their bravery, sacrifice, and dedication.


Who are they for?
The vouchers are intended for returning active duty servicemen or servicewomen from Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, who have served our country so valiantly.


What type of rentals will you be giving away?
We will be giving away 40,000 vouchers, each good for a consecutive 3-day weekend rental on a midsize car at any participating corporate airport or neighborhood location in the United States.  There will be no blackout dates, but redemption will be subject to car availability.  Please refer to the voucher for complete terms and conditions.


Do they expire?
Yes, these vouchers are good for 18 months, and will expire on June 30, 2013.


Are the vouchers transferable?
Yes.  They are printed on security paper but are not restricted to the recipient – so they can certainly be used by another traveler.  Unfortunately, if they are lost, we cannot replace them.


How do I receive a free rental?
Hertz is pleased that NDTA, the Association for Global Logistics & Transportation, a non-profit educational, defense transportation-oriented association, will partner with us by assisting with the distribution of vouchers through various military channels and organizations.  For further information, please visit www.ndtahq.com/HERTZ_Heroes.htm.


What rentals will qualify for contributing towards this event?
Every completed transaction will help us to reach our goal of providing 40,000 free rentals.  All transactions – from Hertz.com, at our counters, through our phone reservations, through social media, through travel agents, through all our channels – will qualify.  In addition, we’ll include transactions for Hertz on Demand, Hertz Equipment Rental, Hertz Car Sales, and Hertz Entertainment Services.  Our entire company is behind the effort.


What part of my rental contributed towards this benefit?
For every transaction made through 12/31/11, Hertz donated 1% of proceeds towards the goal of 40,000 free weekend rentals.  We look forward to serving our troops, after all they’ve done to support us.

Thanks to your support, you've helped us reach our goal!

For further information, please visit www.ndtahq.com/HERTZ_Heroes.htm.