Rental Qualifications and Requirements
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Rental Restrictions


Prohibited Uses

The Vehicle must never be used:

Prohibited People

The following people must never drive the Vehicle or otherwise be in control of the Vehicle:

Full Responsibility Uses

You will be fully responsible and liable for Damages where the Vehicle is used:

If the Vehicle is used for a Prohibited Use or by a Prohibited Person

If the Vehicle is used for a Full Responsibility Use

Your Liability

Single Vehicle Accident

If the rental vehicle is damaged in a Single Vehicle Accident (an accident not involving a collision between the rental vehicle and another vehicle, other that a parked vehicle), you are liable for the cost of repair up to the amount of the ADE plus AUD$2,200 (inclusive of GST). This currently applies to all vehicles at all locations and can be waived by the purchase of Maximum cover at participating locations.

Water Damage

Your liability to Hertz for Damages resulting from water damage (other than by total or partial immersion) is limited to the amount of the ADE PLUS AUD$2,200 (inclusive of GST) or such other amount in addition to the ADE as is specified in the Additional Terms.

Personal Injuries

The liability of any Authorised Driver of a rental vehicle for causing personal injuries to other persons resulting from use of the rental vehicle is covered by the statutory schemes relating to transport accident compensation in each State and Territory of Australia (subject to the conditions and limitations of those schemes). For details of the scope, conditions and limitations of this coverage, you should contact the relevant authority in the State or Territory in which the vehicle you rent is registered.

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