Rental Qualifications and Requirements
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If you intend to drive and/or drop a vehicle abroad or to a different location, please read the information below - also refer to "Driving Restrictions-Driving Abroad", "One-Way Rentals" and "Ferry Restrictions".


If you intend to drive to and/or drop a vehicle in Germany, please also refer to "Environmental Zones".



All vehicles are automatically covered with European Motoring Assistance. However if you wish to take a UK registered vehicle abroad, you are required by law to be in possession of a VE103B form which is proof Hertz have permitted the vehicle to travel abroad.


Charges for issuing a VE103B are as follows:


Number of days driving abroad

Standard cover (including taxes)

1-2 days

£ 87.12

3-5 days

£ 101.64

6-7 days

£ 130.68

8-13 days

£ 174.24

14-20 days

£ 188.76

21 days and over



£ 188.76 + additional £ 87.12 per week*

* The weekly amount is charged per week started



This fee applies even if you have a continental cover which covers hire vehicles. No fee applies for Northern Ireland and Isle of Wight.


The cover can only be purchased at time of pick-up.


Additional equipment may be required for vehicles being taken out of the UK mainland to meet the legal requirements of the country visited. You are responsible for purchasing this additional equipment.

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