Rental Qualifications and Requirements
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Coverage/Liability Protection


We are responsible to you for providing the vehicle in a good overall and operating condition and for replacing the vehicle in the event of breakdown, theft or accident (unless caused by a Prohibited Use). 

Your responsibility is to care for, use and return the vehicle in the same condition it was in at the start of the rental.


Damage or Loss per incident



Incident Damages:


If the vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged, you are responsible for:


Up to the Accident Damage Excess (ADE) amount per incident


Accident Damage Excess (ADE)


Accident Damage Excess (ADE) is included in your rental rate and reduces your liability to us for loss or damage to the vehicle to the amount of the applicable excess listed below which applies to each incident of damage or loss caused.

Examples of damage covered by ADE include:



Accident Excess Amount


Applicable Vehicles


$5,500 inclusive GST


Standard Passenger


$6,000 inclusive GST


Prestige / Adrenaline


$6,000 inclusive GST


4WD / AWD / Light Trucks & Vans


$7000 inclusive GST


Over 3 Tonne Vehicles


$8250 inclusive GST


Dream Collection




















We aim to deal with a damage assessment in a quick and practical way by using a 3rd party repair assessment system. The damage assessment will ensure that you are accurately charged the relevant damage cost assessment. Although we may initially charge you an estimated amount or the applicable excess (whichever is less), we will reimburse you if the amount of the damage cost assessment is less than this.






We offer the option to purchase Optional Renter Protection Services which may reduce your liability for damages which occur during the rental period or result from your use of the vehicle.  Optional Rental Protection Services offered by Hertz are not insurance policies.


Your liability to Hertz for loss of or damage to the vehicle


AER is an optional product which reduces your liability to us in the event of loss of or damage to the vehicle from the ADE to the reduced amount specified on the Rental Agreement.


MAX is an optional product offered at selected locations and gives you peace of mind for your rental by:

  • Eliminating your potential liability to us to pay up to the ADE for loss of or damage to the vehicle during your rental.  
  • Waiving your responsibility to us for the Hertz Claims Management Fee and External Damage Assessment Fee that would otherwise be payable.
  • Eliminating your potential liability for glass or tyre damage.
  • Amount per Day capped at 10 days in every 30 period.




Choose Hertz SuperCover and enjoy zero excess, comprehensive vehicle and personal protection throughout your trip and much more.*


What's Included?


Vehicle Cover

  • Zero excess to pay for any damage to the vehicle, including glass and tyre damage
  • Waives your liability for loss/theft of the vehicle

Premium Roadside Assistance (PRAC)

  • Assistance if you lose the keys or can’t access the vehicle
  • Assistance if you run the battery flat
  • Assistance if you run out of fuel
  • Flat tyre mounting service


Additional Drivers

  • No fees for additional drivers

Young Drivers

  • No surcharge for drivers aged 21-24

Early Return Fee

  • No fee charged if a vehicle is returned early

Towing Fee

  • No additional charges for towing

Location Fee

  • The SuperCover charges not being included in the calculation of the Location Fee.

Administration Fees

  • General administration charges associated with claims processing, cleaning, infringement management and postage are included (excluding Tolls administration fees)

What Isn't Included?

  • Tolls - Tolls and associated administration fees are not included
  • Fuel - Fuel is not included
  • Infringements - Speeding fines, parking fines and other infringements will be on-charged to the customer

SuperCover is available from $46 per day including GST on Hertz standard vehicles, from $60 per day including GST on Prestige and Adrenaline Collections, and from $68 per day including GST on 4WD, Light Commercial vehicles and Vans.*



*SuperCover is available at selected locations and prices vary depending on vehicle category. Prices include GST. SuperCover is not available on Dream Collection vehicles or heavy commercial vehicles. SuperCover will not apply in the event that the vehicle is used for a prohibited use in breach of the Hertz Australia terms and conditions.



G&T is an optional product, which eliminates your potential liability to us for standalone damage to the vehicle’s windscreen, windows, wheels or tyres only.

If you do not purchase G&T, you will be charged for standalone damage to glass and tyres in accordance with the charge list that can be found here.



Your liability to Hertz for breakdown costs (which are your fault)

PRAC is an optional product which supplements the Roadside Assistance included in your rate. It provides cover for the vehicle recovery and call out costs you would otherwise be responsible for if the reason for the breakdown or call out was your fault. PRAC does not cover the cost of replacing tyres, battery or other parts.





If the vehicle is stolen, you are responsible up to the level of Accident Damage Excess for:

If an optional service is accepted then a reduced excess applies.


Repossession of the vehicle


           (i) Hertz may take steps to recover and repossess the vehicle where and when it is found. You authorise Hertz to enter any premises owned or occupied by you in order to recover or repossess the vehicle and you agree to make all reasonable efforts to obtain the right for Hertz to enter any premises to recover and repossess the vehicle; and/or

           (ii)May deem the vehicle stolen and report it stolen.  Hertz may then de-register the vehicle and you will be responsible for any & all loss (including third party personal and property damage associated with the vehicle).



Optional Renter Protection Services

Available to purchase when you collect the vehicle is an optional renter protection service. 

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members are able to update their preferences in their membership profile online under Vehicle Preferences – Coverage options.  

Any Optional Renter Protection service selected are charged per day.  Maximum Protection Package (MAX)  is capped at 10 days in every 30 day period.

If theVehicle is used for a Prohibited Use, to the extent allowed under applicable law, your liability will not be limited to the ADE and our Optional Renter Protection Services will be void. For the full list of Prohibited Uses refer to the Terms and Conditions.


*For full Terms and Conditions, please click here.

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