Rental Qualifications and Requirements

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Authorized Operators


Acceptable Authorized Operators age 25 and older are automatically covered on the Rental Agreement.


Authorized Operators are:


- The employer, employee or fellow employee of renter on company business, (when booking includes company Corporate Discount Number).


- The renter's spouse* for rentals that originate in California or Iowa.


-The renter’s spouse or domestic partner** if the renter is a loyalty member of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards (all tiers)


- Authorized Operators do not have to be present at time of rental.


- There are no fees for Authorized Operators.


*A spouse is defined as persons in a legally recognized marriage, same sex marriage and partners in legally recognized civil unions.


** A domestic partner is defined as an unmarried partner of the same or opposite sex (not a relative) who permanently resides as part of the same family unit, at the same address as the renter, as validated by the address on the driver's license.


Additional Authorized Operators


- Individuals not automatically covered on the Rental Agreement as Authorized Operators noted above may be signed on as an "Additional Authorized Operator" (AAO).  AAO's must be present and may be signed on to the rental agreement at the time of rental or during the rental at any US corporate location.


- Renter and each AAO must be present to sign Rental Agreement, present an acceptable credit card or debit card (if renting city accepts debit cards) in their own name, or a current round-trip ticket (air, train or bus), show valid driver's license, and must be a minimum of 20 years of age. For those 20 through 24 the location's age differential will apply.


Additional Authorized Operators Fees


At corporate and participating licensee location, the additional fee is $13.50 per day with a maximum of $189.00 per rental for each Additional Authorized Operator.




AAA - Spouse/Domestic Partner of AAA members are not required to have a separate AAA membership in order to receive the free AAO privileges.  For other rentals, the AAO fee is also waived when both the renter and the AAO are AAA members. AAA members need to enter their CDP# to receive the AAA benefits.


USAA - No charge for qualified additional operators who are USAA members when signing on to a USAA rental when booking includes USAA discount number.

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