Rental Qualifications and Requirements

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Driver’s Licence Requirements



As the renter you are required to present a valid driver’s licence at the time of pickup. You and any person driving the vehicle must be 21 years of age or over (unless approved in writing by Hertz) and must hold a current drivers licence that:


Digital Driver License

The Digital Driver Licence is legal for use across NSW & SA and is accepted by most businesses. However, it does not replace the plastic card and the official authorities recommend everyone still carry a physical card as a backup.

Hertz customers will still need to supply their hard copy license until further notice.



Vehicle Licence Requirements

A log book may, or may not, be required. Check with the location to confirm requirements.



Additional Drivers



Apart from the renter, who may operate the vehicle, may allow other persons to drive the vehicle provided that you have checked that the person meets the age and licence requirements specified in this section and that they are either:


If a driver does not meet the above requirements, they must be added to the rental as an additional driver and must us show their licence. An additional driver fee is payable as follows:




PER DAY (inc GST)      CAPPED AT 5 DAYS (inc GST)
AUD $3.30                  AUD$16.50


If the vehicle is from Hertz's Prestige, Adrenaline or Dream collection, you and any person driving the vehicle must be at least 25 years of age.



Tasmania - Driver’s Licence Requirements

Renters in Tasmania must have held a Full driver's licence for at least three years and not be on a provisional licence. Provisional licences are not accepted in Tasmania.

Additional Drivers in Tasmania

All additional drivers in Tasmania are required to sign an ‘Additional Driver’ form, with the exception of company rentals, where fellow employees are automatically authorised to drive on company business.




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