Rental Qualifications and Requirements

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It is your responsibility to pay any fines, road tolls, congestion charges and other similar charges incurred due to local road restrictions during the rental.


Parking fines that you may incur during the rental and is not paid by yourself, will result in the fine being charged from Hertz from the given means of payments from you.

An administrative fee will be charged by Hertz for this service.


If you receive a speeding fine during the rental, this will be charged directly from Hertz to your given mean of payment.

According to Danish law, Hertz is, as the owner of the car, responsible to pay any speeding fines to the authorities directly.

Hertz will advise you about the received speeding fine, along with the documentation from the Danish authorities, and charge the fine and an administrative fee of DKK 240.00 (excluding tax) for this service.

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