Add a mobile 4G mobile router to your rental

WiFi that goes where you go (Sweden)


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Add a mobile 4G mobile router to your rental

Surf on the internet, chat, play online games, in the car, in the hotel room or at a café. It’s quick, easy and at a fixed cost – without unpleasant surprises in the form of unwelcome roaming charges. Now it’s all possible with Hertz! Just add Telia’s 4G mobile router to your rental. You you will get fast internet where there is coverage – on up to ten devices simultaneously!


Hertz is the first car rental company in Sweden to offer mobile broadband as an option to your rental car. Through our co-operation with Telia we can offer a 4G router that creates a WiFi Hotspot with fast internet connection with up to 30 Mbps during the car journey where there is coverage. It works with all types of devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones, which supports WLAN. 


The 4G router is so small that you can fit it in your pocket, and with a battery capacity with up to six hours it’s enough time to both watch movies and have long and nice talks on Skype with your loved ones. The battery is loaded easily via USB or a mobile charger. Because the router is wireless, you can place it where the coverage is best and surf wherever it suits you.




To rent a 4G mobile router

Book directly at the rental location at the time of pick-up, or by phoning our Reservations Office at +46 (0)771-211 212.


First Hertz locations in Sweden to offer this solution is:

- Stockholm: Arlanda Airport and the Central Station (Vasagatan) - Gothenburg: the Central Station and Landvetter Airport

- Skavsta Airport (Nyköping).


The cost is SEK 150 per day (including VAT), without any roaming costs.  Maximum Price per month is SEK 750
(including VAT). 



Terms and conditions:

• Price per day: SEK 150, including VAT

• Maximum price per month: SEK 750, including VAT

• Lost or stolen WiFi device (including VAT): SEK 1 500

• Lost or stolen USB cable (including VAT): SEK 120

• Lost or stolen USB adapter (including VAT): SEK 120

• One way rentals is not possible.

• Only available at selected locations: Skavsta Airport, Gothenburg Airport Landvetter, Gothenburg Central Station, Stockholm Airport Arlanda, Stockholm downtown at Vasatatan.

• When using the Telia 4G router outside of Sweden, WiFi will be provided by Telia Surf Abroad, with a daily cost control along with a decided amount of data for a predetermined maximum fee. This cost is charged separately afterwards.

• Surf Abroad is available without pre reservation at following destinations: the Nordics, Baltics, EU,  EEA, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Martinique, Réunion and Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, USA (inc Am Virgin Islands), Puerto Rico, Canada and Croatia, Egypt, China, UAE, South Africa, Australia, Japan and Russia.

• Surf Abroad applies regardless of which network you are surfing in within these countries.