No studded winter tires (Stockholm)



No studded winter tires on Hornsgatan, Stockholm

The city of Stockholm prohibits studded winter tires on the main part of Hornsgatan (down town street of Stockholm). This prohibition is due to the high concentration of inhalable particles in the air, which have to be reduced.


The studded winter tire prohibition applies to street Hornsgatan:

  • eastward between Långholmgatan - Bellamansgatan, and...
  • west form Söderledstunneln to Lignagatan.



The studded winter tire prohibition also applies to streets:

  • Rosenlundsgatan between Krukmakargatan - Hornsgatan, and...
  • Varvsgatan between Horngatan - Hornsbruksgatan.


It is however allowed to cross Hornsgatan with studded winter tires.


Click here for more information and map (Stockholm town's web page).


Studded winter tires are considered to be the contributing cause of the air pollution on Hornsgatan - also on other major city streets. The inhalable particles in the air in some Stockholm areas, including Hornsgatan, have several times exceeded the limits set by the EU. This new prohibition is simply an attempt to make the air healthier to breathe.


Hertz regarding the studded tires prohibition

Concerning traffic violation the driver bears the full responsibility and will be liable. The police will charge all penalties, and the fine for driving studded winter tires on prohibited arias will cost the driver 1 000 SEK.


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