Insurances via Trygg-Hansa (Sweden)

Insurances via Trygg-Hansa (Sweden)

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Ensure a safe drive  ̶ 
with Trygg-Hansa insurances


For as good a protection as possible when renting a car insurance company Trygg-Hansa offers a number of insurances that will make your trip safer.

The Trygg-Hansa insurances are valid for contract holders from 19 years of age, that have held a driving license for at least one year. Any additional driver needs to meet the same requirements and has to present his or her license at the Hertz counter at pick-up. Only the persons written in the rental contract are authorized to drive a Hertz vehicle.

The insurance applies in Sweden. For the insurance to be valid outside of Sweden the renter needs a written approval for driving the car outside the country’s borders.

Any damage to the vehicle must be reported immediately to the Hertz location or Trygg-Hansa, At the bottom of this page you will find the different excess levels (for the different insurances).


Reduce your costs should something happen

Lower excess with CDI and TPI

Just like private cars, rental car has collision damage insurances as well. The difference is that on a rental car the excess is much higher. With the Collision Deductable Insurance (CDI), you reduce your costs in a collision.

Costs in case of theft or vandalism to a rental car are not covered by the Collision Deductable Insurance and therefore has its own excess. With Theft Protection Insurance (TPI) you reduce your costs if your car is stolen or vandalized.


No excess at all with SCI

Super Cover Insurance (SCI) is an optional insurance that completely removes your costs in case of damage to the car. For the Super Cover Insurance to apply Hertz general rental terms and conditions are to be followed.  


Protection for you, your passengers and your belongings

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) includes an accident protection with private care and surgery. A luggage insurance for your belongings is included as well, up to a value of 10 000 SEK. The insurance covers traffic accidents and will compensate for permanent injury and quick access to a qualified specialist for investigation and referral from a physician. Disability compensation is a maximum of 500 000 SEK. 


In case of damage

You register any damage to the rental car to Notification can also be made where you signed up for the insurance (the rental location).

Click here > to go directly to the damage registration page.

You can also call the Trygg-Hansa's customer service on telephone no 0771-111 110.



 Följ Hertz Biluthyrning 







A well-chosen insurance will lower your costs and give you extra support should an accident occur.


For more information about the insurances offered by Trygg-Hansa, please visit   




Excess levels  ̶  cars*

Without CDI & TPIWith CDI & TPIWith SCI
Damage to vehicleSEK 15 000 SEK 5 000 SEK 0
Fire damageSEK 15 000 SEK 5 000 SEK 0
Towing and rescueSEK 15 000SEK 5 000SEK 0
TheftSEK 15 000 SEK 5 000SEK 0
Legal protectionSEK 15 000SEK 5 000SEK 0
Third party liabilitySEK 5 000SEK 5 000SEK 0
Theft with keySEK 100 000SEK 100 000SEK 100 000
Glass damageSEK 10 000  SEK 5 000SEK 0
Damage to vehicle, 
driver under 25 (additional)
SEK 2 000SEK 2 000SEK 0

For minibuses and vans there will be an extra excess of SEK 1 600 per incident of loss/damage.


For more detailed information about Trygg-Hansa's insurances, plus complete insurance conditions, please visit 


* The amounts shown above include VAT and relate to the maximum cost per incident of loss/damage that is to be charged to the rent holder.