Replacement Car (Sweden)

Replacement Car (Sweden)

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Replacement Car 


Replacement car
– when your car is in the shop


Car in the shop? Are you in need of a replacement car?Hertz has made agreements with most insurance companies, such as If, Volvia, Folksam, Länsförsäkringar, Trygg Hansa and others.

To make it easy and comfortable for you Hertz can deliver the vehicle directly to the workshop where you leave your own car. All you need to do, or have your workshop do, is to reserve your workshop visit and contact your insurance company. You need to provide your registration number and damage case number at the time of reservation. 



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·          Report damage to your insurance company. You will not get compensation from your insurance company without a damage case number or stated commitment from your insurance company.


·          Normally your insurance company only covers a part of the days- and kilometer charge.


·          You always pay a share of the days- or kilometer charge by yourself, plus fuel and additional extras such as collision damage reduction or collision damage waiver.


·          You pay your own share by credit card. Hertz accepts most credit cards.


·          If you are uncertain about what your insurance cover, please contact your insurance company.



Reserve your replacement car directly through Hertz Reservation Office, by telephone number 0771-211 212.


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