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Drive a Hertz rental for free!


Yes, it is true, and really not so strange either. Hertz has about 211 locations all over Sweden - from Ystad in the south to Lannavaara in the north. It is rather common with one way rentals, which makes it necessary for the cars to be transferred back to its origin. Instead of transporting the cars back ourselves we want to give you the opportunity to drive a rental car for free. You even get a full tank with you on the road, only having to pay for any additional fuel above that.


How does it work?

Visit web site www.hertz.se/freerider and register as a member. The membership is free. You fill in what destinations you are interested driving to, and when we find a destination suitable for you, you will get an email with an offer from us.


Who can join Freerider?

All Swedish citizens with a Swedish driving license may apply for membership in Hertz Freerider, but to be able to drive our rental cars your driving license has to have been issued at least one year before.


To where and from are most cars available?

Most transfers go to and from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, but it is not uncommon that we need our cars to be transferred between other locations as well. At the moment there are only cars available for this service in Sweden.


Click here for more information and to register as a member in Hertz Freerider.