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Fuel efficient vehicles with low emissions (Sweden)


Make a greener choise

- with more fuel efficient vehicles with low emissions


At Hertz, we are constantly working to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Since December 2002, Hertz Car Rental in Sweden is certified to ISO 14001.  The work with our environmental objectives have led us from talking about fuel-efficient vehicles with low emissions in our fleet to calculate the environmental impact of fossil carbon dioxide from our fleet.


Carbon offsetting for our business trips are a given. We also offer our customers to offset the carbon dioxide emissions. 

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Please find examples of our most fuel-efficient vehicles with low emissions below*. If you would like more information or would like to make a reservation, please click on the 'Book now' buttons below or call our reservation office at 
+46 (0)771-211 212.


 Car group C

Ford Focus (eller motsvarande)

 Car group D
Volvo V40 (eller motsvarande)






Car group H
Ford Focus SW (eller motsvarande)

Car group M
Volvo V70 (eller motsvarande)
































* Please note that the car models above only are examples of car groups. Car models may vary

between different Hertz locations.


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If you have any questions regarding Hertz Sweden's environmental work, please 

e-mail miljo@hertz.se.