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Dogs in rental cars (Sweden)

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Bring your dog in the rental car 


Now your dog can come along when you rent a car from Hertz. We have launched a new concept that makes it possigle to bring your dog in our rentals. Protections grilles will be installed that separates the space between luggage, dog and passenger seats - all for yours, your fellow passengers and your dog's safety!

Now everyone can come along when you drive a Hertz rental - even your dogIf you make your reservation at least 24 hours prior to pick-up Hertz staff will have prepared everything by installing two protective grilles together with dirt protection in the rental car. One grille prevents the dog and luggage to be thrown into the passenger compartment in case of a sudden stop, the other grill parts the trunk and protects your dog from falling luggage. This product is yet another of Hertz's efforts to make our car rental service more accessible to more groups in our society.

This solution is available with car model Volvo XC70, with Volvo Car Corporation's award-winning solution for dogs in cars.



Book your car rental with protective grilles for your dog


The price for this service is SEK 500, including VAT, per rental. If you want to rent for a longer period of time you will be charged per month. Always state that you plan to travel with a dog in the rental car when you make your reservation!

To book this solution, please call our Reservation Office at +46 (0)771-211 212 or participating Hertz locations directly. Please, also have in mind that due to the installation work required you need to make your reservation at least 24 hours prior to pick-up. 


Today this solution is available at following Hertz locations: 

·         Stockholm: Södermalm, Vasagatan and Arlanda Airport 

·         Gothenburg: Landvetter Airport and down town 

·         Malmö: down town and Sturup Airport 

·         Luleå: Kallax Airport

·         Nyköping 

·         Skavsta Airport 

 When you pick up your rental car, there may be a little surprise for your dog that might be fun to bring along for the ride!



·        Always state at the time of reservation if you plan to bring pets in the rental car.

·        Carrying and transporting pets in the rental car is prohibited, if this isn't cleared with the Hertz location before the rental.

·        If applicable regulations are not followed, a clean-up fee will be added to your lease.

·        Hertz do not provide dog crates. This is the responsibility of the lease holder.

·        This offer is subject to price and condition changes.



PLEASE NOTE! Remember to NEVER leave a dog alone in a warm car – it can become a death trap!

Keep a constant eye on how the dog is feeling, rest your dog often and give your dog as much water as it will possibly drink!



















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