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Hertz Self Service Kiosk (Sweden)


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Hertz Self Service Kiosk

– pick up your rental car after office hours

Hertz Self Service Kiosk is an automated kiosk where you easily and quickly can retrieve your car key to your rental car instead of having to queue up at the rental counter. Through our Self Service kiosks, you can also pick up your rental car after business hours, between 6 am and 12 at midnight (apart from Bromma Airport, which has its own opening hours). Everything to make it easier for our customers!


How do I book the Self Service Kiosk?

·        You reserve your car through the links to the right or through our Reservation Office at phone no +46 (0)771-211 212. Our Hertz Self Service Kiosk is only available at certain locations – see list to the right!

·         In order to reserve a Hertz Self Service Kiosk you must have a driver's license issued in accordance with EU standards.

 ·        Also, please note that we will reserve a sum of money on your credit card, which is consistent with the estimated rental price, plus a deposit to cover the excess in case of damage to the vehicle. (The deposit varies depending on car model and rental locations.) When returning the vehicle this sum will be deducted from the actual cost.  

·         After your reservation is made you also need to complete it by checking in online. Click here to go to the Online Check-in page.

·         At pick-up at a Hertz Self Service Kiosk you need to identify yourself as the contract holder with your VISA or Mastercard credit card and with a PIN Code, which will replace the usual signature on the lease. In addition you also need to have your license scanned to match you as a renter with the right car key.

·         You return the car key directly in Hertz Self Service Kiosk when you return the car. If the kiosk is related to a Hertz station it is okay for you to leave the car keys to the station staff during station opening hours



Hertz Car Rental via
our Self Service Kiosks

Self Service Kiosks in Gothenburg:

The Central stationBook now >
City Airport, SäveBook now >

Self Service Kiosk in Gävle:

Södra KungsgatanBook now >

Self Service Kiosk in Helsingborg:

Bergavägen 4Book now > 

Self Service Kiosk in Lund:

Västra Stationstorget 10  Book now > 

Self Service Kiosks in Malmö:

Jörgen KocksgatanBook now >
Sturup AirportBook now >
Hyllie Book now >

Self Service Kiosks in Stockholm:

VasagatanBook now >
ZinkensdammBook now >
Arlanda Airport, Terminal 4Book now >
Bromma AirportBook now >


(Digital office)

Book now > 
Södertälje SydBook now >



 How do I find a Hertz Self Service Kiosk?

 Our Hertz Self Service Kiosks are mostly located in conjunction with our manned Hertz
 locations, with the exception of availability after office hours. Above you can find the Hertz
 locations listed that can offer this easy and quick service as of today.


 What do we offer?
  • Pick-up between 6 am and 12 at midnight (apart from Bromma Airport, which has its own opening hours), for a better flexibility and accessibility!
  • Easy and fast pick-up of your rental
  • You no longer need to stand in queue at the rental counter
  • You will find the same range of vehicles available in the Kiosk as in our manned locations


 Is there an extra charge?

 There is no extra charge involved to get a rental at a Hertz Self Service Kiosk. The normal
 after-hour charge does not apply here!



 Do you want more information?

 For more information about the Hertz Self Service Kiosk or our work to improve the service
 for our customers, please e-mail




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