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New Rental Agreement at U.S. Locations

As part of Hertz's strategy to be more transparent, we are introducing a new rental agreement that clearly discloses all relevant estimated charges for a customer at time of reservation and rental. New features include the following:

• Charges have been reprioritized for better understanding of charges by the customer, with base rate preceding other products,  and discounts clearly called out prior to subtotal.

• Surcharges, Concession fees, and Taxes have been clearly separated from base price and products, allowing for better understanding of the source of charge components.

• Final Estimated Charge will continue to be bolded and enlarged to stand out from components as the final amount charged.

• Deposit holds will be more clearly marked.

• Rental description, including vehicle, rental and return locations, and rental/return times moved to bottom of RA first page, bringing greater clarity by using more customer-friendly language and removing from the body of the estimate of charges.

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