Refueling Options

Rental Car Refueling Options

When it comes to Hertz rental car fuel options, we make it easy and leave the decision up to you. Our prices are competitive with local pump prices when you prepay, or, we can refuel for you. When you travel at the speed of Hertz, your refueling option is your choice.

Fuel Replacement Options


Hertz Refuels

Fuel Purchase Option (FPO)
Prepay the fuel in the tank at competitive local prices. You can return the rental car with the
fuel tank at any level. No refund for unused fuel, except for car rentals of 75 miles or less.

Express Fuel™
Drive a total of 75 miles or less for a service
and fueling convenience fee of $13.99.

Fuel and Service Charge (FSC)
If you return with less fuel than at the time of rent, and have not chosen the Fuel Purchase Option (FPO) or Express Fuel™, we will service and refuel at a per gallon rate.

You Refuel

Return with the tank at the same level as when you rented.

On trips of 75 miles or less, you will need to produce a gas receipt from a station near the return location.

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