Need rental flexibility? Choose flexiRent from €329*!



For personal or professional use choose FlexiRent for a better flexibility


Why choose FlexiRent?

  • During a temporary project or a probation period
  • Ideal if you are waiting for a new vehicle delivery (purchase or long term rental)
  • To complete an existing fleet (additional business, seasonal or limited activity)
  • In case of theft of your vehicle or if your vehicle is being repaired



  • Only 30 days minimum rental length
  • No commitment after a 30-day rental
  • Invoice based on mileage or on the package subscribed to, unused mileage transferred to the next month
  • Includes insurances*, maintenance, roadside assistance, vehicle replacement
  • Vehicle available within 24 hours in over 400 locations
  • Book on hertz,fr, on the phone or directly with your local Hertz branch



  • 0€ initial contribution
  • Payment at the end of the month
  • No capital immobilisation
  • Drop off the vehicle any time after 30 days without any penalty charge
  • Fixed car rental expenses
  • Get your loyalty rewarded: earn Gold Plus Rewards points

Three options to answer different needs

1.  Total flexibility - Mileage rental 

This option is ideal if you think you will be driving at least 500km, you will be invoiced monthly and on the amount of kilometres you actually drove: you pay only what you’ve used (minimum of 500km). You will be also getting free additional driver**.

Please note: to book your vehicle for more than 30 days, click through the button below and make a booking for the first 30 days only. You rental will be extended (based on the monthly rate you received for the online booking) at your visit at the location after the 30-day rental (invoicing on driven milage). If you book online a rental exceeding 30 days the rate applied won’t be guaranteed on the extra days.

2. Mileage packages

Choose one of our mileage packages if you think you will be driving more than 1500km.

  •  From 1500km and up to 6000km/month
  •  Unused mileage will be transferred
  •  Recoverable VAT
  •  Company Car Tax (TVS) exemption (vans)
  •  Free additional driver**
  •  Dedicated customer care

Choose your package and book now:

3. On Demand

Need a flexible fleet and / or additional services? Contact our dedicated team to get a customised offer and quote: 

Please include the following element in your query: number of cars needed, car group, length of rental, estimated mileage per month.

Terms and conditions:

  • *Insurances : Collision and Damage Waive (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP), additional insurances can be purchased at the counter
  • **One additional driver offered only
  • Offer subject to availability and in participating locations
  • Standard hertz terms and conditions apply