Fuel+ Returning & Refueling Made Easy

Fuel+ is our newest fuel option designed to save you time on your rental return. Learn more about the program in the FAQ’s listed below.

Fuel+ FAQ's

What is Fuel+?

Fuel+ is a new fuel option that saves you time on your rental return. If you are renting from one of the select locations featuring Fuel+, you will have 2 options: Refuel the car yourself prior to return or utilize the Fuel+ option. If you choose not to refuel yourself, Hertz will refuel the car at the per gallon market price of fuel used, plus a flat convenience fee per transaction.

Where is Fuel+ available?

Fuel+ is currently available at the following locations:

How can I use Fuel+?

All customers at the participating locations who do not refuel the car before returning it to the location will automatically receive Fuel+. However, you will not be charged until you return the car. You opt-in to this option by choosing to return the car without refueling. There is no need to notify the counter agent prior to returning your rental car.

What is the convenience fee and how is that applied?

The convenience fee is simply a service fee that covers the cost of the refueling process. You are charged a one-time, flat fee per transaction. On your final rental receipt, the fee will be labeled as “Flat Fuel Service”.

What if I empty the tank or only use 1-2 gallons?

You can bring it back at any amount. You will only pay for the gas you used, whether that is 1 gallon or 12 gallons. You will pay the per gallon market price of fuel used plus the flat convenience fee.

How much is the convenience fee?

The cost of the flat convenience fee varies by location:

  • Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG)- $7 flat convenience fee
  • Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)- $6.99 flat convenience fee

How do I explain this to my company to be expensed for business travel?

This new option actually makes it easier for your company from an expense standpoint. Your final rental receipt will have the fuel charge plus the convenience fee. All of your rental charges will be on one receipt vs. multiple receipts.

Are there any hidden fees or charges after I return the car?

There are no hidden fees and no surprise charges. If you choose to refuel yourself, you will not see any fuel charges on your rental receipt. If you choose to take advantage of the Fuel+ program, you will see the itemized charges for fuel used and the convenience fee on your final rental receipt.

What if my company has a corporate refueling rate?

Because Fuel+ is only available at select locations, corporate refueling rates will still be charged to all corporate customers who have negotiated refueling rates on their CDPs (Corporate Discount Program number.)