One Way Rentals

With the Hertz Rent-It-Here/Leave-It-There (RIH-LIT) option, Hertz gives you more flexibility when planning your itinerary by letting you pick up and drop off most vehicles at different locations.


One-way rentals are allowed between many locations within country of rental and in Continental Europe, inter-country one-way rentals are also allowed between selected major cities.


The Hertz RIH-LIT option is subject to a one-way drop fee, although one-way rentals within selected cities may be free of charge.

Note: RIH-LIT is permitted between Hertz locations in mainland UK. For rentals between Northern and Southern Ireland or between UK mainland and UK islands or continental Europe, please contact Hertz reservations. RIH-LIT may be restricted on some vehicles such as Hertz Prestige Collection.