Avoid Expensive Parking Fines (DK)

When you rent a car in Denmark, we advise you to learn the basics of Rules of Parking.


At our locations you can get a Hertz flyer on how to "Avoid Expensive Parking Fines". Furthermore you can ask for a "P-guide", which applies to Copenhagen, but also inform on the basic rules concerning parking.




If You Get a Parking Fine:


  1. The cheapest option: Pay it yourself in due time.
  2. Otherwise simply hand us the ticket when you return the keys. We will debit your account for the parking fine along with a service fee of DKK 150.00 (excl. VAT).
  3. If we have not received the parking ticket from you and you have not paid it yourself, we will receive a notice from the parking authorities. In that case we will charge you the full parking fine together with any penalties and an administration fee of DKK 300.00 (excl. VAT).


If you have any questions regarding a parking fine call Hertz Denmark at +45 33 17 90 10 and we will be happy to help.