Hertz Super Cover

Nobody likes surprises, especially when it comes to bills and accidents are unfortunately unpredictable. This is why Hertz developed the Supercover to better protect you.
It covers you against accidents, theft, damage to the vehicle and cancels the franchise. Choose Hertz for more favorable locations with confidence.

How it works ?

Simply follow the general rental conditions. Your car has been stolen or an attempt was made to steal it? You pay absolutely nothing. It has been damaged or vandalized? You pay absolutely nothing. You have a collision? You still pay nothing!

Personal insurance (PI)

IP is an additional insurance for the driver, passengers carried and luggage. It guarantees a capital in case of death or total permanent disability consecutive to an accident. It also covers personal belongings of driver and passengers in the event of theft, attempted theft, or fire vehicle.

Glass breakage and simple Puncture

This optional insurance covers the most common damage such as broken glass in the windshield, rear window, side window or sunroof and puncture the tires off shock.

Premium Support:

This option covers the repair costs not covered by the standard support: fuel error, loss or forgetting the key inside the vehicle battery discharged