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Safety Tips

Safety Tips


Please apply the following security measures


In case of a break-down or a flat tyre, you should do the following: 

› If possible park the vehicle;

› Remove the key from the ignition;

› Refuse all the help that any strangers may want to offer you;

› Never remove your luggage from the trunk;

› Immediately contact the Hertz 24 hours Road Assistance Service, Tel.: + 351 219 429 114.

If you proceed this way, you are protecting your goods and receiving help from the correct persons.


Whilst in the vehicle


Safety Belts

Always ensure that all passengers wear the seat belts.

It is a legal requirement and is for your safety and protection.


Speed Limits

Please abide by the national speed limits (km/hour):


Passenger Vehicles

   ◊ City - 50 km / hour

   ◊ Road - 90 km / hour

   ◊ Motorway - 120 km / hour


Passenger Cargo Vans

   ◊ City - 50 km / hour

   ◊ Road - 80 km / hour

   ◊ Motorway - 110 km / hour


Mobile Phone

It is strictly forbidden to use a mobile phone whilst driving.


Drinking & Driving

We recommend that you never drink alcohol before or whilst driving a vehicle.

Police may carry out random breath testing at any time.


Baby Seats & Boosters

By law, all children must travel in a baby seat or booster in accordance with their size and weight.


Before leaving the vehicle



 Always lock the vehicle when it is left unattended – even if you are going a short distance;

 Whenever possible, park in well-lit and controlled car parks and avoid badly lit streets;

 Ensure that all doors and windows are locked (including the trunk);

Do not leave any belongings visible in the car, or if so, ensure they are well locked and hidden in the trunk.


Key Control

Keep your car keys under control at all times.

When at home, in your hotel room, or holiday home either keep keys under your personal control or lock them away.


Vehicle Imobilization – Danger Warning Device

Should you need to stop the vehicle on the road or on the road side, it is mandatory to place the danger warning device (triangle) on the road, at minimum distance of 30 meters from the back of the vehicle. In addition to this it is also mandatory by law to wear a standard vest (available in the glove compartment of the vehicle).


Returning the vehicle

› You may only return your car during opening hours unless agreed otherwise with Hertz at time of rental.

› Return the keys with the rental agreement and the folder to a Hertz uniformed


› All returns other than to a Hertz station (hotel or company) may only be made with the authorization of a Hertz station and with prior notice.

› For further information please refer to your "Rental Agreement" Folder.

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