SCUT's / e-Toll



Why the "e-Toll" Service from Hertz?

This service allows the payment of all toll roads in Portugal including the ones that have only electronic tolls (Ex-Scut’s).



Benefits for the Customer


Full compliance with the law, avoiding the payment of fines and other administrative costs.



No wasting time on the payment of the tolls, namely of the electronic tolls.


Save time

While paying the traditional tolls (with booth).



Applicable at all highway national network.


How to subscribe the service?

The acceptance or refusal of the e-toll service is made by the customer at the beginning of the rental through the signature of the Statement of Responsibility, which is considered an integral part of the rental agreement.

By accepting the service the customer will be charged the daily rate of 1,50€ + VAT up to a maximum of 10 rental days -  15,00€ + VAT at the legal rate in force, plus tolls.


Payment Forms

The payment of this service can only be made with credit card or an Hertz credit account.


How should customers that decline the service, proceed?

The payment of the tolls is of the sole responsibility of the customer.

Payment must be done as follows:

The amounts to be paid are only available 48 hours after passing the toll booth, and must be paid at a maximum of 5 days working days at any postal office (CTT) or at a Payshop network agent.

Failure to pay the toll fees implies penalties and other administrative costs as prescribed by law.


How to access the details of the tolls paid?     

Customer which have accepted the e-toll service can access this and all other information regarding our e-toll service at  the following contacts:

e-Toll Service Department:

Tel.:  219 426 300 - Option 0