Helping make your footprint greener

Hertz Green Collection

At Hertz, we're concerned about the environment too.  That's why in Australia and New Zealand we've added carbon emission information to our rental receipts.  We hope this will raise awareness, encourage informed rental choices, and provide information for those who want to offset their emissions.


The carbon emissions recorded on our rental receipts represent the volume of carbon dioxide emitted through the combustion of petrol during a rental.


The calculations are based on specific information provided by vehicle manufacturers, and take into account the emissions per kilometre driven for each individual model in the Australian and New Zealand fleet.


Do carbon emissions vary depending on how or where you drive?

Yes, emissions will vary slightly depending on the type of driving e.g. city versus open road.


What is the difference between small and large vehicles?

The difference in carbon emissions between a Hertz Economy (1.3 litre) vehicle, and a Premium 4WD (4.0 litre) vehicle is 169 grams per kilometre driven.


How can I offset my carbon emissions?

Carbon emissions can be offset by purchasing carbon credits through an offsetting programme for example forestry regeneration and/or renewable energy.