Renting at the Miami Airport? Take the MIA Mover

Renting with Hertz in Miami?

Take the new MIA Mover
to the Rental Car Center in the Miami International Airport.

The MIA Mover will replace the Shuttle service between the airport and the RCC.

- The FREE Service starts September 9, 2011 -

• Just follow the signs to the MIA Station of the new MIA Mover (on level 3 of the main terminal - between Flamingo & Dolphin parking garages).

• Get off at the MIC Station, and walk to the Hertz rental location in the Rental Car Center (RCC).

• Our representatives will be ready to assist you at the Hertz counter.

• And, if you are a Hertz #1 Club Gold member, go straight to your car on level 3 of the RCC.


MIA Mover image courtesy of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department.