Driving a car in Italy

Driving a car in Italy

A useful guide for a safe rental experience in Italy!
Are you going to rent a car in Italy and you would know the main road duties and prohibitions?
Check out our guide with all the information you may need:

As per rental agreement you are responsible for payment of all fines, road tolls, congestions charges and other similar charges incurred to local road restrictions during your rental in Italy.

In order to have more information about fines, the administrative cost that you’re charged for or further information, please click here and follow and follow these instructions below:

• Enter the Location Name (or OAG, Street, City, State or Postal Code) of the Hertz location where you’re going to rent (i.e. Rome Fiumicino) and click on “Find Locations”.
• Click on the “Select for Reservation” button next to the Location name.
• Choose “Traffic fines” section from the drop down menu and click on the “Go” button.

Limited Traffic Zone - ZTL

In many cities there are Limited Traffic Zones, policed by cameras.

Safety driving 

Always keep to the right-hand lane. Violators will be fined. The speed limit for Urban Roads is 50 km/h, Suburban Roads 90 km/h, Suburban Main Roads 110 km/h and Motorways 130 km/h.
Also, mobile phones are allowed only with hands-free equipment or earphone.

Useful Info
We remind you to use dipped beam headlamps on motorway and suburban roads, dipped headlamps are mandatory as well as during daylight hours.

Always park your car safely. White lines are free, yellow lines are reserved and blue lines are paid parking areas.

For further information and details, please, click here to download the guide with useful tips when you’re driving.
Also, click here to to get to know more about a safe and secure rental experience.