Hertz 30+ - monthly rentals


Here comes Hertz 30+, the brand new Hertz service that allows you to make the perfect monthly car or van rental, following your needs and desires.

Thanks to the Car Configurator, you'll have the great chance to choose exactly your car or van model, which optionals you need, the kilometres and the price that you desire the most. Hertz will surely fullfill all your needs. Among all the services, you'll have roadside assistance 24/7 and no early return penalties after the first 28 days hire.

Plus get the chance to discover the Hertz Collections! Hire a car that has a low impact on the environment with the Hertz Green Collection, choose a luxurious car from Prestige Collection, or enjoy driving the greatest cabrio from Fun Collection. With Hertz 30+ you can have it all at lower rates.

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