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Europe Made Easy

The Hertz "Europe Made Easy" Program brings you special savings for your rentals in Europe. You can't afford to miss this great opportunity to explore Europe with the many benefits that we have available.

Hertz "Europe Made Easy" Rates are the fastest, easiest way to rent a car in Europe and at a great price. Exactly what you would expect from Hertz!

Hertz is your passport to Europe with advantages like:

  • Low, competitive rates that include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Protection (TP) and Value Added Tax* (VAT)
  • Free unlimited mileage
  • Free drop off within the country of rental
  • No charges for cancellations
  • Roadside assistance
  • Free drop-offs between major cities within the country of rental with the Rent-It-Here/Leave-It-There program
  • Instant Return Service to speed drop-off time, available in most European cities
  • Free detailed maps and new enhanced driving directions throughout Europe
  • Flexible payment plans (Prepaid and Non-prepaid)

    Please note:
    The "Europe Made Easy" Program is available to residents of Latin America and Caribbean only. *VAT is quoted separately from the base rate, CDW and TP, when reserving online.

For your convenience, we offer flexible payment options:

"Europe Made Easy" Prepaid Program
You pay at the time of booking locking in the rate in US Dollars. Rates include unlimited mileage, Theft Protection, Collision Damage Waiver and Value Added Tax. Rates are valid for a minimum 3-day rental, and exclude Personal Accident Insurance, one-way rental charges, and other services, as well as taxes on these items (which will be added to the rental charges and must be paid in local currency at time of rental).
For reservations, call your Travel Agent or the nearest International Reservation office. Prepaid voucher required. Voucher is non-transferable and must be presented at time of rental. Rate code: ALI.

"Europe Made Easy" Non-Prepaid Program
Payment is made at time of rental. Rates are bookable through Internet only, guaranteed in local currency, and converted to US dollars based on the currency conversion rate at time of reservation/payment. Rates are valid for a minimum 3-day rental, and include unlimited mileage, Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection and Value Added Tax (VAT is quoted separately from the base rate, CDW and TP when reserving online). Personal Accident Insurance, service charges, one-way rental charges, as well as taxes on these items, must be paid for in local currency at the time of rental in a form of payment acceptable to Hertz.

"Europe Made Easy" Rates are available in nine countries
Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom.


The Hertz Rent-It-Here/Leave-It-There Program
With the Hertz Rent-It-Here/Leave-It-There Program, Hertz lets you see more of Europe. There are free drop-offs between many major cities within the country of rental. And for inter-country rentals, the Rent-It-Here/Leave-It-There Program features affordable drop charges in many European cities. Another reason nobody does it exactly like Hertz.

Terms and conditions:

  • With CDW, TP and VAT: These rates include Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection (TP)* and local taxes (VAT). All rates are subject to change without prior notice. Rates do not include Personal Baggage Coverage, airport fees, airport taxes, Personal Accident Coverage, refueling, Additional Authorized Drivers, and other optional services (such as child seats, ski racks, or returning car outside renting city, for which renter is responsible). These services cannot be pre-paid, and if accepted, must be paid in local currency at time of return. Rates with CDW, TP and VAT can be pre-paid in the country of reservation origin through a Hertz office and/or select wholesalers using rate code ALI (any form of payment may be used, but a valid credit card must be presented at time of rental) or paid at destination when reserving online with rate code ALE.
  • Coverages: Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): Offers protection for your Hertz automobile against possible damage due to accidents, provided that the same are not due to a breach of the rental agreement. Theft Protection (TP): Limits the customer ’s liability in the event of theft to the Hertz vehicle (including parts and accessories). Deductibles may apply and vary by country and car group. Super CDW: You may also wish to purchase additional protection, Super CDW, to waive or minimize the already limited liability in case of damage to, or theft of, the vehicle. This is not offered in all locations, check with Hertz for more details.
  • Rent it here and leave it there: There is no rate differential for vehicles which are picked up and returned within country of rental. There is a rate differential if returned outside of renting country. This program may not be applicable to all car classes. Please check with Hertz for more details.
  • Minimum rental age is 25 (exceptions apply). Depending on the car class and destination country, the minimum rental age may be 23; age differential daily charges apply for renters under age 25.For details, please check Age Restrictions & Exceptions on Qualifications & Requirements.
  • A valid driver ’s license from country of origin must be presented at time of rental. Driver ’s license must have been issued at least one year in advance.
  • An international driving permit is recommended for most residents of Latin America & Caribbean.
  • Hertz standard rental conditions and requirements apply.
  • Only car class or category can be confirmed. Preferences for a specific make or model will be determined upon availability at time of rental. Confirmation for certain car classes is not immediate and may take up to 3 days for availability to be confirmed. Car classes that are not immediately confirmable are not bookable online.
  • Rental periods are based on periods of 24 hours, which start at time of pick-up. Hourly charges may apply in case of late return.
  • Reservation must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Should these restrictions be ignored all insurance (Third Party Liability, CDW, TP, PAI), if accepted, shall be deemed, null and void.
  • The driver will be held fully responsible in case of accidents and will bear all consequences, including the cost of repatriation of the damaged vehicle.


*In certain countries, a deductible may be applied if automobile is stolen, or if it is damaged during an intended theft or vandalism.


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