Hourly rental for vans

Hourly rental for vans

Hertz 3,6, 9, for Vans!! A day has too many hours but there is only one moment for each thing, a last minute packag, moving work material, a sofá, a new new big table, a yard re-desing... with this new sevice you will only need to rent a van for a short period and save money at the same time.

Rent per 3 hoursRent per 6 hoursRent per 9 hours

75 kilometres included
Assistance service: 24hours

      A4       29€
      B4       34€
      C4       39€
      D4       44€

150 kilometres included
Assistance service: 24hours

         A4       39€
         B4       44€
         C4       49€
         D4       54€

150 kilometres included
(between18:00 to 09:00)
Assistance service: 24hours

          A4       40€
          B4       45€
          C4       50€
          D4       55€

Hertz Vans hire in SpainHertz Vans hire in SpainHertz Vans hire in Spain

Don´t forget to mention CDP code 583966 while booking your car online for a non prepaid rate (select Vans Collection from “Vehicle Perference” section)

Terms and Conditions 

• Hertz terms and conditions apply.
• This offer is valid only in Spain with Hertz offices vans.
• 369 Hertz service is available only for white vans A, B, C and D. Includes partial coverage for damage by collision (CDW), partial coverage against theft (TP), VAT, and the limited mileage: 75 km for 3 hours, 6 hours for 150 km and 150 km in 9 hours.
• The additional kilometers will be charged according to the category of the van: € 0.14 for Class A, 0.20 € for Class B and 0.23 € for categories C and 0.30 for category D.
• This service will not be granted for any kind and shall be valid for the Company or CDP affiliate programs.
• If you do not return the vehicle at the agreed collection point at the appointed time in the recording of rent, you'll be charged the rate for the period of three hours where you return the vehicle. You can apply a 'grace period' of 29 minutes according to our current policy or if it has been agreed in advance with Hertz (you can get more information on the rental).
• Rates not prepaid.
• Restrictions on collection and return: The price is only valid for bookings from Monday to Thursday, does not apply from Friday to Sunday.