Rent Electric Bikes: pedal with the environmental

Have you thought how to help improve the environment, not just recycling? From this summer you can do with a simple pedal. From Hertz we help you with the new electric bicycles service and 9 different models for your disposal to take you on a pleasant journey and friendly environmentally. A small gesture never did as much for the environment. The Flyer Electricbikes are a sustainable way of life and ease of use allows anyone to enjoy the ride, both in the city and beyond. Displacement efficiency, cost savings, energy, less pollution, noise and a commitment to sustainable mobility are just some of the advantages of electricbikes also reported the added value for our health.

Now if you rent a car with Hertz or you are Hertz #1 Club Gold member you can rent an electricbike for one hour for just 9€. Or if you prefer to try it for a longer period rent an electricbike for 24 € per day (if you anticipate the reserve) and 28 € per day directly at the location.
Also there are special prices for outings, guide tour in Granada and Palma de Mallorca for 36€ and night tours in Granada for 54€ thanks to Hertz.

For more information visit, call 902 570 133 or go to get your bike during locations hours (13:30 h-10) in Granada, Almeria, Alicante, Valencia,  Mallorca islands and Formentera island. Also discover the new openings on the web.

If you wish, there is also a valet service at home where all you need is to be booked 3 days in advance for only 15€ more).

INCLUDES: Transfer case, vest road safety and cycling training assisted pedal Flyer street driving.