Hertz Collections

Hertz Collections


Hertz Fun, Green and Prestige Collections – A car for every journey.

All cars in the Hertz Fun, Green and Prestige Collections have guaranteed make and model reservations, so you know that the car that you book is the exact one you’ll be driving away in.
Hertz Fun Collection
Just picking a car from this Collection is half the fun…

There was a time when driving was more about simple pleasures than mundane necessities. So when we chose the Fun Collection, our aim was to recapture that simple pleasure and get you to where you’re going with a big smile on your face. 

Get behind the wheel of a Porsche Boxster to get the best fun on the road!



Useful information when booking the Hertz Fun Collection
You can rent a Fun Collection car at major airports and downtown locations across the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK.

Terms & Conditions

Renters of Hertz Fun Collection vehicles must be at least 25 years old. Hertz Fun Collection vehicles are only available at the locations listed above. All vehicles and categories are subject to availability. Not all vehicles shown are available at all locations. Hertz standard driver and credit qualifications for the renting location apply. Vehicle must be returned to location of rental, if not a one-way charge will be applied if returned to a different location, for details, please check at location during vehicle pick-up. Hertz standard terms and conditions apply to Fun Collection vehicles.


Hertz Green Collection
All vehicles in the Hertz Green Collection offer a CO2 output of less than 105 g/km, making them more environmental friendly than most other cars.  Hertz is committed to make their fleet cleaner and to proof the ambition, Hertz Netherlands also joined the European Cleaner Car Contract.

The Green Collection in the Netherlands contains the electric vehicle Peugeot Ion and hybrid cars like the Toyota Auris Hybrid.



Useful information when booking the Hertz Green Collection

Cars from the Hertz Green Collection are only available at participating locations. All vehicles are subject to availability. Hertz standard terms and conditions of rental apply to cars from the Hertz Green Collection. If we do not offer cars from the Hertz Green Collection at your chosen location then we'll offer you a selection of alternative vehicles that are available.

Hertz Prestige Collection

Turn the everyday into the extraordinary.

We recognise that for some of our customers, compromise just isn’t an option. That’s why we created the Prestige Collection – a range of cars that will exceed even the most discerning of expectations.  

Sleek lines, sumptuous interiors and thrilling shows of power mean you can enjoy the perfect driving experience.

Enjoy the perfect driving experience with our range of cars featuring names like Mercedes and Audi. Whatever the occasion, whether business or pleasure, we guarantee a car from the Prestige Collection will make your day an extraordinary one.




Useful information when renting from the Hertz Prestige Collection 

Renters of Hertz Prestige Collection vehicles must be at least 30 years old . You can rent a Prestige Collection vehicle at major airports and downtown locations across Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Ireland and Sweden. Cars from the Hertz Prestige Collection are subject to availability at participating locations. Terms and conditions of rental apply.