The convenient option for renting overseas

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Outbound Prepay

The Convenient Option for Renting Overseas

Are you planning a trip to the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia or New Zealand? Now, you can simply reserve your car and make payment through Hertz China and settle everything before your departure, then pick up the vehicle overseas to get on the road right after that.


  • More Relaxed – Avoid any communication difficulty arising from linguistic and cultural differences
  • More Comfortable – No matter whether it is a peak period or an off season to rent, your car reserved will be better secured. More favorable insurances and GPS facilities would be available at different destinations.
  • More Savings – Pay in China and charge your bank cards in your destination currency or Hong Kong Dollars to avoid high bank surcharges overseas.
  • More Convenient – No need to carry bulk cash for overseas travelling, and no occupancy of your credit card spending limit.
  • Reducing your risk exposures to currency volatility – Complete your payment, get your spending fixed and get away from Forex volatility.




  • Make sure to bring your car pickup e-voucher.
  • For more information, please call Hertz China Reservation Centre at 400-888-1336
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