Everything you need to know about driving to the snow in Australia

Snow Cover Australia




“Snow Cover” is available at selected locations for customers travelling to an Alpine Resort during the gazetted snow season or any area under conditions where a reasonable person would use snow chains.

Under the Hertz Terms and Conditions, travelling into these areas is classified as “Full Responsibility Use” unless snow cover is purchased.


If purchasing Snow Cover, the standard excess on the rental remains applicable, however the option to purchase Accident Excess Reduction (AER) or MAX Cover is also available, in conjunction with Snow Cover, on selected vehicles*.

Any damages caused as a result of the fitting of snow chains and/or ski racks is deemed negligent and full recovery will be sought.

Note: Snow Cover will be calculated across the entire rental period regardless of how much time is spent at the snow.


*The following vehicle groups that are allowed to be driven to the Alpine Areas:
A –B – C – D – E – E1 – E5 – F – F5 – G – H – I – R – S – T – U – V – V5 – H5 – J5 – L – M – N – O – Z

Vehicles not allowed are: P – L5 – K5 – S5

The cost of ‘Snow Cover’ is $22 per day (including GST).