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About Probus

Probus Insurance Company Europe DAC (“Probus”) is authorised as an insurance undertaking by the Central Bank of Ireland under the European Union (Insurance and Reinsurance) Regulations 2015 and registered in the Republic of Ireland under company number 252557. Probus registered office is located at the Hertz Europe Services Centre, Swords Business Park, Swords, Co Dublin. Probus is a subsidiary of The Hertz Corporation, a company incorporated in New Jersey, U.S.A

Probus operates on a Freedom of Services basis throughout Europe and outsources its claims management activities to Hertz Claim Management, who acts as appointed claims representative in several European countries.

Data Privacy Policy

Probus and its parent company Hertz have updated their relevant Data Protection Policy, in order to comply with GDPR on how to treat personal data. Please find the policy available here

Principal Activity

Probus' insurance operations have been ongoing in Dublin since 1st Jan 1997. The initial business goals and objectives of Probus is to provide insurance protection to our associated and/or subsidiary companies throughout Europe and in other territories where possible. Predominantly this coverage is the form of Auto Liability and Personal Insurance risks.

Other Classes:

Probus is currently authorised for classes: 1,3,7,8,9,10,13,15, 16,18. (European Communities (Non-Life Insurance) Framework Regulations, 1994)

Countries on a Direct Basis

  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland

List of Directors

Directors:Directors: M. Scullion (UK), C. Torr (UK), J. Perham (UK), S. Hodgins (IRL), R. McEvily (USA), C. Dubin (USA).

UK Employers Liability Insurance

As a UK FSA regulatory requirement for underwriting compulsory employers liability insurance in the past we are making the employers' liability register available for tracing purposes. Please see links to PDF files below


Probus UK EL Register - October 1,2012.pdf | Signed April 1, 2012 Director's Cert EL Register.pdf
Signed April 1, 2012 EL Register PWC Limted Assurance Report.pdf
Probus UK EL Register - April 1,2012.pdf | Probus UK EL Register - July 1,2012.pdf
Probus UK EL Register - January 1,2013 | Probus UK EL Register April 2013
Probus UK EL Register 1 July 2013 | ProbusELRSignedPWCAuditReport2013.pdf
ProbusSigned2013DirectorCertELRegister.pdf | ProbusUKELRegister1September2013.pdf

Probus UK ELRegister 1 January 2014 | ProbusUKELRegister1April2014 | ProbusUKELRegister1July2014
ProbusUKELRegister1Oct2014 | EYSignedELR2014Opinion.pdf | SignedDirectorELR2014Statement.pdf

ProbusUKELRegister1Jan2015.pdf | ProbusUKELRegister1April2015

2014_Probus_Signed Opinion for ELR.PDF | ProbusUKELRegister1July2015.pdf | SignedDirectorELR2015 Statement.pdf | ProbusUKELRegister1October2015.pdf

ProbusUKELRegister1January2016 | ProbusUKELRegister1April2016 | ProbusUKELRegister1July2016

SignedAuditorELR2016Statement | SignedDirectorELR2016 Statement | ProbusUKELRegister1January2017 | ProbusUKELRegister1April2017 | ProbusUKELRegister1July2017 | ProbusUKELRegister1October2017 

ProbusUKELRegister1January2018 | ProbusUKELRegister1April2018 | ProbusUKELRegister1July2018 |- ProbusUKELRegister1October2018 

ProbusUKELRegister1January2019 | ProbusUKELRegister1April2019 | ProbusUKELRegister1July2019 

Anti-fraud Activity


Ai sensi dell’articolo 30 della Legge n. 27 del 24 Marzo 2012, si comunica che nel 2018 è stata conseguita una riduzione degli oneri per sinistri derivante dall’accertamento delle frodi, pari a € 25.368,00.


In accordance with Article 30 of the Law no. 27 dated 24 March 2012, it is hereby communicated that in 2018 we have obtained a reduction in claims’ payments as a consequence of identified fraud cases, of € 25.368,00

Probus SFCR

The Probus Insurance Company Europe DAC SFCR for December 31st 2016 year-end can be downloaded here and supporting appendices here
The Probus SFCR for December 31st 2017 year-end can be downloaded here.
The Probus SFCR for December 31st 2018 year-end can be downloaded here