A) Discount Savings

• To receive the benefits associated with Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® membership, your Gold membership number must be quoted at the time of reservation.
• Up to 15% off best available retail rates will be displayed when the Mastercard Cardholder enters their Gold Plus Rewards membership or relevant CDP associated.
• Discount on best available published Retail rates (excluding Special Offers) at time of booking.
• Discount applies to time, mileage and all mandatory insurance and waivers that may be included in the base rate charge
• When booking, pre-paid rates are quoted in home currencies (e.g. Sterling when booking from UK), non-prepaid rates will be quoted in the local currency.
• All rentals outside of EMEA must be pre-booked in Europe prior to departure
• Renters must meet all Hertz qualifications, standards and requirements as per the terms and conditions of Hertz rental agreements. Visit the Hertz website at
www.hertz-europe.com for full details.
• Leisure minimum rental age is 23 years.
• Fuel charges are standard.
• Rates fluctuate throughout the year based on supply or demand.
• Refunds are not available for ‘no shows’.
• When picking up the car, the authorised renter must have a valid credit card and driving license.
• The vehicle must only be driven by the renter or another individual who has been authorised by Hertz and added to the Rental Record.

B) Complimentary 1 Car-Class Upgrade (subject to availability)

• This is subject to availability and available at participating locations except for South Africa and Greece. In the USA, the upgrade will only be valid for non-prepaid rentals.
• Complimentary one-car-class upgrade is available through and online printable voucher (downloaded on Hertz-Mastercard Micro site) and to be surrendered at time of rental to redeem upgrade
• One car-class upgrade does not apply to Premium Vehicles or Local Collections.
• Free upgrade is valid for rentals of a maximum of 21 days at participating locations in Middle East
• Entire payment must be made on a valid Mastercard card
• Only one voucher can be used against any rental
• Mastercard cardholders are allowed to accept and use this offer as many times as they want during the validity period
• Standard blackout dates apply

C) Gold Plus Rewards:

• The 900/700/500 Gold Plus Rewards will be placed in a member’s account once they’ve successfully enrolled in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and have placed their first rental. Bonus points are in addition to the base points that you can earn on every rental. To be able to accrue Gold Plus Rewards points, the customer must have opted in to receive Gold Plus Rewards points in his profile when joining.
• Gold Plus Rewards Points system is available at participating Hertz locations worldwide.