Hertz Truck & Van Rental
Safe DrivingLike every vehicle we put our name on, Hertz trucks and vans are regularly maintained, serviced and inspected for top performance and reliability. Some of our vehicles come equipped with safety features like ABS brakes and high-performance, fuel-efficient engines.

Driving a Hertz truck or van isn't difficult, but it's not the same as driving a car.

  • Before you take it on the road, make sure your rear or side cargo door is securely locked
  • Adjust your left and right rear-view mirrors to let you see as much of the road as you can
  • When loading or unloading the vehicle, carefully check the instructions for operating power lift gates.

Once you've started your trip, follow these safe-driving tips:

OverheadWatch Out Overhead:
  • Trucks are significantly taller than cars
  • Note clearance signs at bridges & overpasses
  • Be careful of drive-through canopies
  • Watch for low-hanging tree limbs, power and telephone lines
IntersectionsBe Careful at Intersections:
  • Trucks are longer and wider than cars and have a wider turning radius
  • Because trucks have a higher center of gravity than cars and tip easier, take turns slower
Too CloseNever Follow Too Close
  • Trucks are heavier than cars and need more braking distance
  • Stay a minimum of 4 seconds from the vehicle ahead
  • Obey truck lane/route restrictions and rules for commercial vehicles
Use Your MirrorsUse Your Mirrors:
  • Exercise caution before changing lanes and use turn signals
  • Avoid abrupt maneuvers
  • Use a spotter behind you when backing up

Hertz Optional Protection Plans
Before you get behind the wheel, keep in mind that most auto insurance policies may not cover truck and van rentals. So carefully check your insurance policy. Then check with Hertz. Click here for more information on Hertz Truck & Van Optional Protection Plans that may suit your needs, or ask a Hertz representative in your area for details.

24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance
Any time of the day or night, Hertz is here to help. For emergency 24-hour roadside assistance anywhere in the continental U.S., call us at 1-888-885-2989.

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