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Red Chair A little extra planning can save you a lot of time down the road. Take some time to determine exactly what you need -- what size truck, how many boxes.

Use our interactive Truck & Van Selector to help you determine what size vehicle you need based on the items you're moving.

Tip:Leave a little room to spare. You can often save time and money by renting a larger truck and making fewer trips.

Safe Packing. Print this list for easy reference while packing!

·Keep with you items that are easily carried and can't be replaced, such as jewelry, financial records and important papers. 
·Place plants in large boxes 
·Cover foliage in plastic with air holes 
·Don't expose plants to temperatures below 40° F or above 90° F 
Home Electronics
·Pack each item upright in its own box 
·Use bubble wrap on all sides 
·Load each item separately 
·Protect wood surfaces with furniture pads 
·Use drawers to hold small breakable items wrapped in clothing 
·If possible, detach table legs 
·Protect upholstery with plastic covers 
·If you stack chairs together, wrap wooden arms or backs in plastic chair covers or cushion them with furniture pads to protect against scratches 
·Disassemble beds and cushion wooden headboards 
·Wrap mattresses in plastic mattress covers. 
·Defrost refrigerators 
·Remove and pack loose fittings like oven racks and refrigerator shelves 
·Have professionals disconnect gas ranges and dryers. 
·Wrap dishes individually in bubble wrap and stand on edge (not flat) in boxes Loosely wrap glassware in bubble wrap or several layers of newspaper and loosely pack them in boxes 
Mirrors and Paintings
·Wrap small mirrors and paintings in bubble wrap and place upright in boxes Use wardrobe boxes for larger mirrors and paintings. 
Rugs and Curtains
·Clean and roll rugs Fold curtains carefully and pack in boxes or furniture drawers 
·Hang clothes on hangers, or lay them flat in wardrobe boxes 
Books and Paper
·Lay books and papers flat in small boxes
Outdoor Equipment
·Safety restrictions prohibit the transportation of flammable liquids, including propane; empty lawn mower or outboard motor gas tanks before loading 

Tip:Stock up on as many boxes as you think you'll need. Hertz will buy back any unused boxes at the end of your rental. 

Loading Tips

Park your truck with the loading door as close as possible to the entrance you will be loading from. Use a spotter to help you back up.

Loading the truck 
>Carefully check the instructions for operating power lift gates.

>Pull out the loading ramp and secure on a flat surface.

>Load one entire section at a time, securing the contents of each section before moving on to the next.

>Load large items, like appliances, first. Then load furniture. Stack smaller items and boxes from floor to ceiling.

>Place heavy boxes on bottom, and lighter ones on top. Stack boxes of equal weight and size. Fill open spaces with small boxes to keep items from shifting during transit.

>Slide long items such as floor lamps in along the sides.

>Place mattresses, sofas and tables on their sides against the wall and tie them down.

>Stand mirrors and picture frames on edge. Tie them to the truck walls or place them between mattresses.

>Place odd-shaped items on top of the load or along the walls, if you have room.

>Be certain your load is secure, check latches, and make sure your rear or side cargo door is securely locked. 

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